Check out our suggestions for a vacation with your pooch!

Eight Reasons to Take Your Dog on Vacation

Why worry about where to board your family pet while you go on vacation? The obvious answer is to bring Fido along for the ride. Planning a pet-friendly vacation offers benefits for Fido and the family. Check out our top eight and then browse our suggestions for a vacation with your pooch in Five Tips for a Pet-Friendly Beach Vacation.

  1. They love hanging out with you! Seriously, the K-9 variety isn't called man's best friend for nothing. Have you seen the way they jump and run in circles when you come home from work? You're their best bud and they want you to know it. So, how could you leave your best bud at home? Simple, you just can't.
  2. Dogs are great conversation pieces, and naturally attract other fur parents while on vacation. Strike up a conversation with those other pet pals and get the scoop on pet-friendly restaurants and attractions.
  3. Fido will help you stick with a routine that's outdoor focused. No lounging in your pet-friendly condo all day if Fido needs to go! Hiking trails, scenic beaches and dog ponds, along with other dog-friendly attractions let you explore in ways you might not if you didn't bring your furry friend along.
  4. Did you know veterinary science has shown introducing dogs to new and engaging environments lowers their risk of heart disease and cognitive impairment by almost 50 percent? It's true the beach really is the best medicine, for people and pups alike!
  5. Take away the worry! When you book a pet-friendly cottage, you don't have to stress about whether your fur child is receiving good care. You'll know he is, because he is with you!
  6. Enjoy the small things. Dogs find happiness in the small things. From sniffing out a new environment to taking long naps, we could take a page from their book while on a pet vacation.
  7. Keep some cash in your pocket! Boarding a pet can get expensive!
  8. Everyone else is doing it. Okay, we know your mom has lectured you with the old, "If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you jump, too?"; Yes, there are things we should not follow suit with, but taking a pup on vacation isn't one of those. In fact, according to PetRelocation, 85 percent of dog owners say they plan to take a pet-friendly vacation. Airlines and vacation rental companies are making it easier to travel with pets.

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